This is a Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity for YOU to Personally Partner with Me (Rob Fore, a 7-Figure Producer) and My Partners to Take Your Business, Income & Lifestyle to the Next Level

( Think FREE Traffic, FREE Leads,  FREE SEO, 7-Figure Coaching, Turnkey Content and more! )


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Your Executive Plus Partner Benefits

  • You get two (2) FREE TRAFFIC entries to share in 100% of all traffic, leads, sales and sign ups generated from the team Youtube channel to potentially build BOTH SIDES of your binary business.
  • You get one (1) FREE TRAFFIC entry to share in 50% of all traffic generated from Rob Fore's personal Youtube channel for a period of one year. Rank advance to 5k within 12 month and you get one (1) LIFETIME entry that never expires! [Unheard of! Insane!! Life-Changing!!!]
  • You get FREE EXPERT SEO services (worth hundreds, even thousands of dollars per month!) - which is THE SECRET ADVANTAGE to virtually guaranteeing your long-term success.
  • Make this SAME OFFER to your new Executive Plus Partners (until this once-in-a-lifetime window of opportunity slams shut... forever!) Can you imagine? You and your team getting free 7-figure traffic, leads and potential sales to take YOUR business, income and lifestyle to the next level. WOW!


Only 100 Executive Plus Partnership Positions Will Ever Be Made Available

( when Filled, this Window of Opportunity Will Slam Shut Forever! )

Step #1: Pre-Enroll with MDC

MyDailyChoice PreEnroll

Step #2: Upgrade to Executive Pack

Follow the steps in the video to upgrade to the EXECUTIVE PLUS pack (400 bv) and set up your autoship to 90 bv or higher.

Step #3: Join LeadRecruiterPro

LeadRecruiterPro is the secret weapon we use to track and optimize the profitability of our entire MDC business. We also use the LRP system for all PAID TRAFFIC rotators, team coops and special paid traffic sign up bonuses. With LRP you and your team can instantly determine...

  • Which lead generation sources are working?
  • Did your new pre-enrollee actually watch the four getting started videos?
  • Did they check out the HOW TO GET PAID video? How many times?
  • Are they opening, reading and clicking your emails?

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