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You ordered:  the RANK 3 VIDEOS package.

Each submission will generate 150 INDEXED EMBEDS for 1 video submitted over a 7 day period.

You have THREE submissions available. This means you can submit up to 3 different videos  - though you may want to submit the same video multiple times to get additional embeds to rank for for more competitive keywords.

The forms are displayed one at a time so you can submit videos on an 'as-needed' basis. This means you do not have to submit all 3 videos for processing at the same time.

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  • BONUS - [2019] video ranking case studY 
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  • VIDBoost 100 Submission FORM
    • Select ONE category that best matches what the videos are about.
    • Enter up to 3 video urls - one url per line.

      Each url submitted will get 300 embeds.

      If you submit ONE video url, that video will get 900 embeds. If you submit TWO video, each video will get 450 embeds. If you submit THREE videos, each video will get 300 embeds, etc.